Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Darmon Series


The Forth Conspiracy is about family and friendship put to the ultimate test. 

William Darmon and his wife Elizabeth, owners of Mayfair Hall, fall victim to rival Forth family who introduce a bill into Parliament called the Writ of Confiscation. It will repossess the Darmon's ancestral home unless they can find their missing deed. A late family friend hid the document on a trip to Egypt decades earlier, leaving a clue to its location only visible in the night sky of 1825. As the Darmons begin to unravel the mystery, a Forth body turns up on their doorstep.

William and brother-in-law, Charles set off for the Mediterranean only to be waylaid by Greek independence fighters on the eve of a massive Egyptian invasion. William's escape finds him stranded in the Sahara far behind Forth members attempting to destroy his property title in this historical mystery thriller, Book 2 of the Darmon Mystery Series.

Thomas Thorpe was the Project Manager of NASA’s highly successful Mars Global Surveyor Mission – a spacecraft that orbited Mars for nine years, returning two hundred thousand images of the planet and pictures from Mars Rovers. Mr. Thorpe has written six historical mystery thrillers of the Darmon Mystery series about a couple from Kent who solve international crimes during the 1830’s. These novels include: Message of the Pendant, The Forth Conspiracy, Patriote Peril, Fair Wind to Bahia, Desperate Crossing and Without Redemption.

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